Quality And Innovation


ElectroAir offers a whole list of comprehensive solutions for ground service of aircraft and helicopters. We offer:

  • Rectifiers (single-channel, dual-channel) EAR
  • Frequency converters EAC
  • Combined power supply units EACR
  • Electrical power distribution boxes EAD
  • Diesel-powered power supply units APA
  • Load banks EAL
  • Cable winding systems EABT
  • Toolbox EAKIT
  • Hatch Pit systems (hedge, pop-up) EASE
  • Transformers (dry type, oil immersed)
  • Solar invertors EAI


Creating a high-tech and innovative equipment to promote our client`s business by minimizing the cost and consumption of resources on the maintenance of aircraft of all types. Our goals:

  • To maintain existing and to develop new product markets
  • To develop new and improve existing production technologies
  • To fulfill the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system based on the international standard ISO 90001:2008/2015
  • To develop a material and technical base of the enterprise - the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production, the acquisition of new machinery and tools
  • To raise the competence pf ElectroAir personnel


To take a leading role in the Ground Power Unit market, supported by the following fundamental principles:

  • Innovation and quality
  • High reliability irrespective of climatic conditions
  • Full integration into the overall management system
  • Achieving the highest standards of energy efficiency
  • Low operating and lifetime servicing costs


ElectroAir takes special care maintaining the highest standards of quality at all stages of product creation:

  • Purchased accessories are subject to inspection on arrival
  • Dedicated transformer-testing stand
  • Dedicated semiconductor component-testing stand
  • Controller boards are tested prior to coating
  • Every node is subjected to individual testing before assembly
  • Converters pass 72-hour testing
  • Personnel and quality protocols are subject to annual qualification
  • Active projects pass audit checks
  • PaxLift, Italy

  • Adelte, Spain

  • Cobra, Spain

  • COBUS, Germany

  • Bradshaw, UK

  • Lektro, USA

  • Caetano, Portugal

  • NAVYA, France

  • ADANI, Belarus

  • Van-Eck, Netherlands


  • CartTec, Spain

  • JJCC, China

  • Langa Industrial, Spain

  • TiPS, Slovenia

  • PosiCharge, USA

  • ElectroAir, Estonia

  • PowerBreezer, USA

  • Magenta Technology, UK

  • Caleche, Germany

  • K&M, Austria

  • IMAT, Spain

  • ULMA, Spain

  • StartPac, USA

  • RESQTEC, Netherlands

  • Aviator, Sweden