LANGA INDUSTRIAL S.A. (previously known as HIDRAULICA LANGA S.L.) was founded in 1971. Langa Industrial is the Spanish leader designing, manufacturing and supporting Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for Aviation and electrohydraulic and electromechanical systems for both Industry and Civil markets. Langa Industrial gets together the high competitiveness of his standard products in continuous improvement and re-engineering, with complex engineering projects based on electrohydraulic or electromechanical technology and tailor made equipment to fulfill the customer requirements.

Also, this high degree of experience and capabilities in the previously mentioned systems has made possible the development of applications and equipment for the civil and military market. For years, LANGA INDUSTRIAL S.A. has been increasing his international expansion, with a considerable increase of exports, as well as, with agreements with Local Distributors and Service Centres all over the world; this is a direct consequence of the quality and optimal price of our Equipments.

  • In the Aviation market LANGA INDUSTRIAL S.A. is a worldwide reference supplying Ground Support Equipment , being our customers Final Assembly Lines (FAL) of the main Aircraft manufacturers, Aircraft Operators and Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) centers for both the civil and military market. As a consequence of these worldwide references LANGA INDUSTRIAL S.A. participates directly in Aerospace Programs such as EF-2000, A400M, C-295, A330-MRTT …
  • In the Defence market LANGA INDUSTRIAL is one of the main suppliers of the Spanish Ministry of Defence (MoD). Langa Industrial supplies Ground Support Equipment for aviation and electrohydraulic systems for Armored Vehicles. Also Langa Industrial supplies Ground Support Equipments for many different Armies all over the world.
  • In the Industry and Civil Engineering sector, LANGA INDUSTRIAL S.A. has demonstrated his capabilities to develop tailor made systems with a high complexity, with applications such as Railroad exchangers, naval applications, hydraulic cylinders, Load lifting solutions for heavy loads.
  • PaxLift, Italy

  • Adelte, Spain

  • Cobra, Spain

  • COBUS, Germany

  • Bradshaw, UK

  • Lektro, USA

  • Caetano, Portugal

  • NAVYA, France

  • ADANI, Belarus

  • Van-Eck, Netherlands


  • CartTec, Spain

  • JJCC, China

  • Langa Industrial, Spain

  • TiPS, Slovenia

  • PosiCharge, USA

  • ElectroAir, Estonia

  • PowerBreezer, USA

  • Magenta Technology, UK

  • Caleche, Germany

  • K&M, Austria

  • IMAT, Spain

  • ULMA, Spain

  • StartPac, USA

  • RESQTEC, Netherlands

  • Aviator, Sweden