ROHR Nutzfahrzeuge

ROHR your partner for taylor-made solutions


It was in 1945 when Adalbert Rohr sen. started to build trailers for agricultural use in a smithy which was founded in 1850.

Since 1962, the family owned company ROHR has manufactured road tankers to transport mineral oil. 10 years later, production was expanded by offering insulated box-type superstructures to transport chilled and frozen food. Since the aircraft refueller company Kroll of Hamburg took over parts of ROHR in 1995, ROHR now also sell aircraft refuellers for airports in Germany and worldwide. Today, ROHR with its 210 employees is one of the leading manufacturers of temperature-controlled box-type superstructures for the German food retail companies and road tankers for the mineral oil and heating oil distribution in Germany and Europe.

Since decades it has been our business to design and to produce Road Tankers, Aircraft Refuellers and Box-Type Superstructures. More than 10.000 vehicles have been designed and produced by Rohr. Our qualified team of well-trained and experienced engineers uses state-of-the-art equipment. Improvements and new developments are everyday tasks. Production methods are improved constantly, too. We believe these are essential parts of our success.

Our customers are our partners. Together we develop individual and most suitable solutions. Each vehicle is designed and produced individually to fulfil your specific requirements and needs. Please take advantage of our experience and of our existing transportation solutions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our carefully selected, world-wide known suppliers of axles, cooling units, loading tail gates, mineral oil pumps, measuring devices and other components, too are combined in our extensive quality management system. Each and every Rohr vehicle has to pass the most strict inspections during production and prior delivery, to guarantee a long-term and trouble-free usage of our vehicles.

  • PaxLift, Italy

  • Adelte, Spain

  • Cobra, Spain

  • Caetano, Portugal

  • COBUS, Germany

  • Bradshaw, UK

  • Lektro, USA

  • NAVYA, France

  • WISS, Poland

  • RESQTEC, Netherlands

  • Harlan, USA

  • Langa, Spain

  • ROHR, Germany

  • Van-Eck, Netherlands

  • IMAT, Spain

  • PosiCharge, USA

  • Magenta Technology, UK

  • PowerBreezer, USA

  • StartPac, USA

  • Mercura, France

  • Goldhofer, Germany

  • Bombelli, Italy

  • ElectroAir, Estonia

  • Airacom, UK

  • Aviaco, Belgium

  • Aviator, Sweden