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Founded by Axel Maarschalk in 1972, RESQTEC has a proud history of successfully fulfilling market needs, while continually raising standards in rescue equipment, due to its performance, technology, the materials used and ergonomic design. RESQTEC is responsible for designing and introducing the first hydraulic ram into the market; the smallest cutter in the world (it still is), the NT Bag, the unique integrated Octopus solution and much more. In addition to the manufacturing and distribution of hydraulic rescue equipment, RESQTEC also manufactures and delivers R2S, the world’s best integrated aircraft recovery solution.

In 2000 RESQTEC was asked by Airbus and IATA ARTF to develop a solution to overcome problems with traditional tooling, and; to overcome problems created by New Large Aircraft (NLA), to find recovery system besides cranes that enables continuous lifting and to save time in recovery operations.

At RESQTEC we believe that airports and carriers need recovery equipment that can provide a return on investment. This means when an incident occurs, the equipment on site can save time and reduce risk which saves lost revenue. The complete range of equipment available makes an operation not only significantly easier to deal with but it is also much quicker. It also enables the user to deal with different aircraft and scenario’s effectively without need for special equipment. This has created a huge interest within the industry, being the only equipment that can lift both existing and new types of aircraft.

The R2S system (short for Rapid Recovery System) is the combination of a jack and pneumatic system. The high stability and compact nature of the system allows it to follow the lateral ARC movement of an aircraft, this then enables continuous and controlled lifting, eliminating any risk of instability or dedicated tooling. R2S can be used on all types of aircraft, including all NLA, something hard to achieve with conventional systems.

The complete product range has everything from multisling, debogging kits to temporary roads. The multisling in itself is unique as it can lift over 25 different aircraft (including the A380) therefore one purchase is required to cover all needs. Another advantage is that all equipment can be transported in LD3 bins. For the A380 a system capable of lifting 165 tons is available, the R2S Maxx. Although capable of lifting the A380 it can also lift other large or medium size aircraft again proving one purchase can cover your Aircraft recovery needs.

R2S is simply the best aircraft recovery solution available:

  • It follows lateral ARC movement of the aircraft
  • It remains extreme stable during lift, even when side winds occur
  • It allows for continuous lifting without the need for cribbing
  • It is modular and flexible
  • Its ability to cope with modern wing shapes
  • It is the only solution that can lift any type of aircraft including even a A380
  • It is safe, and is deployed rapidly and with eas
  • Adelte, Spain

  • COBUS, Germany

  • Bradshaw, UK

  • Caetano, Portugal

  • JJCC, China

  • Magenta, UK

  • StartPac, USA

  • Resqtec, Netherlands

  • Jofrauto, Spain

  • CCA, China

  • Cobra, Spain

  • Otokar, Tutkey

  • TowFLEXX, Germany

  • DBF, Turkey

  • Guangtai, China

  • Kempower, Finland

  • WeRide, China

  • GAMA, Japan

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