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Our primary goal at Start Pac® has always been the production of reliable, efficient and long-lasting American-made ground power units, lightweight starting units for portable power and portable power supplies — we continue to lead the way in the newest and safest technology available. Our extensive product line provides ground power and portable starting units in various sizes.

The StartPac® Quick Change line has lightweight, powerful battery packs that can be taken aboard aircraft and are intended for use in remote locations where portable power is needed most. Start Pac® also offers ground power units (GPUs) for repeated starts and maintenance functions; all GPU units are offered in either 24 volt or 28 volt models. Whether your operation requires a 24 volt power supply, 28 volt battery pack or a lightweight portable power supply, a Start Pac® engineer is always available to make the best recommendation.

Our latest additions include the Patent Pending Quick Change models, the Start Pac® 53300 Power Supply, the Start Pac® 3324RR Railroad Locomotive Starter and the new Start Pac® Gas-Electric or Diesel-Electric Hi-Brd GPU. Start Pac® is unsurpassed in reliable, virtually maintenance-free and cost-effective ground power units, portable battery packs and lightweight power supplies. Even mining equipment in remote locations can be easily and quickly started with a 24 volt Start Pac® Earth Gear unit.

Start Pac is the only company that offers portable starting units that feature the latest technology in lithium batteries, including the ability to last up to twice as long as lead-acid batteries. In addition, lithium batteries are 42 percent lighter and 32 percent smaller than lead-acid batteries. For more information about lithium batteries or any other product that we carry such as our mining equipment starting unit, please contact us today or fill out our online form to have detailed information mailed directly to you. We are more than willing to assist you with product recommendations and answer any technical questions that you may have.

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