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Building Airport Crashtender is in Kronenburg‘s DNA! We build all sizes and versions ARFF (Airport Rescue Fire Fighting) vehicles and we assure modern design appearances through user’s ergonomics. We only use durable materials, but more importantly, these vehicles are designed specifically and solely to guarantee the safety on airports worldwide such as: Great Brittain, Seychelles, Nigeria, USA, Canada, Cambodia, Russia, China, Argentina and Venezuela.

In these, and in many other countries, you will find Kronenburg ARFF-trucks, built with the latest safety requirements. Our vehicles are subjected to a vigorous testing program in our own testing facility, before they reach our customers. Our trucks meet NFPA regulation, ECE safety and road regulations and Kronenburg standards. Because of our extensive experience, we can meet any requirement set by your fire department and which suit your local airport situations.

By building composite vehicle structures, we can design and create any form and size tanks. Our water and foam tanks are fully integrated in the design of the trucks. The water and foam tanks will save precious room on the vehicle because of its strategic placement. This contributes to an optimal weight distribution, which in turn creates perfect handling capabilities for all of our ARFF-trucks.

Please feel free to browse through our extensive collection on

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  • SIMAI, Italy

  • Bradshaw, UK

  • Caetano, Portugal

  • JJCC, China

  • TiPS, Slovenia

  • PosiCharge, USA

  • Magenta Technology, UK

  • Kronenburg, The Netherlands

  • ULMA, Spain

  • E-VIBALL, China

  • StartPac, USA

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  • VIP shuttle coaches
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