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TIPS ranks among top producers of quality GSE solutions in the world.

TiPS TeamWith 44 years of tradition, TiPS is a leading Slovenian company in producing high-quality and technologically perfected aircraft ground support equipment. Our beginnings date back to 1969, when Stane Pustavrh established a family company for the processing of special purpose vehicles and a car body workshop. A year later, the company received first demands for GSE. Even the first GSE was manufactured with such precision and quality that some service vehicles and equipment are still used today with their full functionality, despite their age. Through years of experience, we have acquired more knowledge and expertise in this field. Combining of this knowledge with the outstanding commitment of the Pustavrh family and their passion for the continuous development of GSE is a magic formula for success, which reflects in TiPS products. We are talking about the quality of TiPS products, which is being discovered by the largest airport all over the world, that are recognizing the importance of a true and reliable partnership when it comes to GSE.

For more than 40 years, we have been successfully implementing our strategies and following our mission and vision. Our basic line of business is the manufacturing and sale of GSE. We have focused mainly on developing our own line of high-quality products with added value, which we market under our own brand.

Our satisfied customers value our products for their reliable performance and quality. In addition, our main advantages include:

  • The lowest total costs of ownership
  • Short delivery times
  • Long lifetime of vehicles
  • Environmentally friendly electric drives of vehicles
  • Innovative technical solutions
  • Installation of components of only the highest quality
  • Short response time
  • TiPS system for tracking installed parts
  • Every vehicle gets a record with a history of works done or replaced components
  • Individual approach and customisation of vehicles
  • Long warranty

Once you try a GSE from TiPS, you will get spoiled!

  • Adelte, Spain

  • Gilardoni, Italy

  • COBUS, Germany

  • SIMAI, Italy

  • Bradshaw, UK

  • Caetano, Portugal

  • JJCC, China

  • TiPS, Slovenia

  • PosiCharge, USA

  • Magenta Technology, UK

  • Kronenburg, The Netherlands

  • ULMA, Spain

  • E-VIBALL, China

  • StartPac, USA

ISO 9001:2015

ADA is an ISO-certified establishment, which represents:

  • World-class manufacturers of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) comprising airside buses
  • VIP shuttle coaches
  • Tow bar and Tow bar less (TBL) diesel and battery-operated pushback tractors for all commercial and private Jets